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  • October 2011
    Posts: 0
    just writing the facts nothing more
    no filosophy and illusions
    no manipulations
    but just real facts
    and this of course hurts you
    next life will be better hope
  • mangal October 2011
    Posts: 489
    Reply to @lun: Funny Lun-your speculations, your pretending that you are naive, very funny. Real facts:) Yes, it is what you write here. For example: next life-yes, real fact or believe in next life? Lun, try to have consistency in one post if you cannot have such consistency in all your posts, do such favour to us.......
  • Tony October 2011
    Posts: 172
    Tough to be a woman in India...


    "Nearly 36 percent of schools in Maharashtra do not have separate toilets for girl students — forcing them to drop out of the education system early in life."
  • VeritasVeritas October 2011
    Posts: 218
  • VeritasVeritas October 2011
    Posts: 218
    8:50 and that is exactly where and how followers got exploited, because of the natural need to serve a higher purpose.
    9:00 "When the profit motive gets unmoored from the purpose motive, bad things happen, ethically sometimes, but also bad things just like not good stuff." This is exactly what happened.
  • PallasAthene October 2011
    Posts: 246

    thx Veritas. Also this one is a very interesting clip. Magnetism meets reality. ;)
  • Roman October 2011
    Posts: 347
    Reply to @PallasAthene:
    This one is great for the Empire's cheerleaders. REALITY bros and sises :)
  • VeritasVeritas October 2011
    Posts: 218
    This one is dedicated to all the sisters and brothers from the former communist countries:
  • VeritasVeritas October 2011
    Posts: 218
    How unrealistic optimism is maintained in the face of reality

    Unrealistic optimism is a pervasive human trait that influences domains ranging from personal relationships to politics and finance. How people maintain unrealistic optimism, despite frequently encountering information that challenges those biased beliefs, is unknown. We examined this question and found a marked asymmetry in belief updating. Participants updated their beliefs more in response to information that was better than expected than to information that was worse. This selectivity was mediated by a relative failure to code for errors that should reduce optimism. Distinct regions of the prefrontal cortex tracked estimation errors when those called for positive update, both in individuals who scored high and low on trait optimism. However, highly optimistic individuals exhibited reduced tracking of estimation errors that called for negative update in right inferior prefrontal gyrus. These findings indicate that optimism is tied to a selective update failure and diminished neural coding of undesirable information regarding the future.

    source: http://www.nature.com/neuro/journal/vaop/ncurrent/full/nn.2949.html

    more on this: http://io9.com/5848119/do-eternally-optimistic-people-just-have-malfunctioning-frontal-lobes
  • truthseeker October 2011
    Posts: 541
    Reply to @Veritas: this unrealistic optimism is why in the USA the 1% filthy rich manage to keep their enormous wealth (43% of the total) and power (they control politics and media) and withhold social security from the other 99%: by making them believe they can also accomplish the American dream.

    That's what the Occupy Wall Street movement is fighting against. Maybe some day the Americans will have the Second Bill of Rights that President Roosevelt already aspired in 1944. Then middle and lower class people can live decently from one job and don't need to have at least two jobs to survive (like Roman, from what I've heard).

    And for us Europeans, don't let the filthy rich, the banks and the big corporations accomplish the same at our continent as they did in the USA. (I'm speaking for Western Europe, I've heard the situation in Eastern Europe resembles that of the USA).

    Quote from Warren Buffet, the richest American (and a decent guy, unlike most of his other class members): "It's class warfare, my class is winning, but they shouldn't be."

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