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Lineage of spiritual masters.
  • VeritasVeritas May 2011
    Posts: 218
    Reply to @satfinder:
    Well, he was very much aware of that, this is why his very first book was named

    "Yoga und das tägliche Leben"

    (sorry, photo had to be deleted by editor in line with the rules of engagement)

    Going sideways - as usual.
  • VeritasVeritas May 2011
    Posts: 218
    Oh how nice.
    Well here is the link to the picture:
  • satfinder May 2011
    Posts: 24
    Publisher’s note:
    "... YIDL is the first books written
    by Sivananda Saraswati Maharaj. ..."


  • truthseeker May 2011
    Posts: 541
    Reply to @satfinder: thanks for sending the link of the book. So a guru stole from a guru!
    Sivananda probably wouldn't have minded though, cause he writes about rogue gurus on page 2:


    Importance of Guru

    "Guru-Bhakti is absolutely necessary. Guru-Seva with Atma-Lakshya will take you to God immediately. People generally complain: “We do not get good Gurus these days.” This is a lame excuse. You can take even the worst possible rogue as your Guru. You will have to change your angle of vision. When you look at a coconut made of sugar, you have a double consciousness. You know pretty well that it is not coconut. In your heart there is Bhava, it is sugar and sugar alone. Even though you see the world, it is really not. This is the Nischaya of the Vedantic student. It is the determination. Even so, the defects of the ‘rogue-Guru’ do not exist for the disciple who has taken him as his Guru with Bhakti. The aspirant should deify and superimpose all the attributes of the Lord on the ‘rogue-Guru’.

    You should never look into the defects of the Guru. You must deify the Guru. Guru, Ishvar, Brahman, Om, Truth are all one. You must strictly obey and carry out his orders. You must think that underneath the name and form of the Guru, there is the all-pervading pure consciousness. In course of time the physical form will vanish and you will realise your own self, the pure Brahmic consciousness that lies at the back of the physical form of your Guru. When once you have taken a man as your Guru, you should never change even if you get a man with greater developments or Siddhis. Then only you will have faith. Through strong faith, you will realise then and there, Brahman, the God in that Guru. You must become the famous Bhakta, Pipa of the well-known
    Bhaktamala, who took a rogue Nata as his Guru and when he saw his Nata-Guru dancing on the bamboos in the open market, he took him as Guru, the Brahma-incarnate, prostrated before him and thus eventually had his Self-realisation through the form of the rogue-Guru, the Nata."

    Well, this gives a great excuse for anything a guru does, he can basically do anything and get away with it. This is morally totally unacceptable, in this mindset any one of us could call him or herself a guru and do the most terrible things without consequences.
    It makes me come to the conclusion that the guru principle is intrinsically wrong, but some swAmi-followers ((like naham_karta) may see it as an encouragement. Or maybe not, if they read Mahaprabhuji's golden teachings again.

    The Sivananda book has its own golden teachings by the way, here they are called 'Guide to sadhakas' (pages 51-54) and they resemble Mahaprabhuji's golden teachings, so possibly swAmi has made the golden teachings himself, inspired by this guide. One of the rules swAmi may not like though, and he may have left it out of the golden teachings deliberately:

    "37. Revere ladies as Mother Divine. Root out the sex idea. Prostrate before all."

    But swAmi can find help for his problem if he re-reads the book, for on page 49 and 50 there is a Prayer for Purity, plus Recipes for Brahmacharya (celibacy) :)

    Or alternatively, he openly declares he's not 'above' sexual desires and openly starts a relationship with a woman based on love, trust and equality. Stupid concept anyway, that suppressing the sexual urge would bring one closer to God. Does suppressing the urge to sneeze bring us closer to God too?

    It's typically Vedantic thinking, that sexuality should be repressed. This is contrary to Tantric (and taoist) thinking, that says one should not suppress the natural urges and emotions, but follow nature and express them in a responsible way.
  • someonefromhungary May 2011
    Posts: 334
    Reply to @truthseeker: hmmm... quite interesting... but dancing on the bamboos in the open market does not seem a capital offence to me... so how should we imagine such a rogue guru?

    btw, I would have absolutely no problem to consider someone having sexual relationships a "real guru"... and I would have absolutely no problem to consider someone having various types of minor flaws a "real guru" as long as there are no lies involved... for me, one of the most crucial indicators of a "real guru" is his/her absolute freedom from hypocrisy and absolute willingness to admit and correct mistakes... indeed, I would prefer gurus with minor flaws... if he/she never makes mistakes he/she can never show us this type of freedom directly :)
  • someonefromhungary May 2011
    Posts: 334
    in addition, I also believe that sexual intimacy and the dissolution of the boundary between the "you" and "I" (=the object and the subject) can lead to spiritual type of revelations... but again, it's not roguery... indeed, I think such sex-related revelations may not occur under disharmony, let alone roguery...
  • Ivan May 2011
    Posts: 161
    I've just checked the almanac "Days of light" printed in celebration of swAmi's 20 years in Europe (Ljubljana, 1992) and on the page 16 it is said that swAMi came for the first time to Madhavanand on 13th June 1965. If this is correct and if the year of his birth is 1945 he should have 20 years when he came to Madhavanand and that's impossible. If the date 13th June 1965* is correct, then his date of birth must be 1952. Long time ago someone told me that he changed his date because he was afraid that someone might cast a bad spell on him... :D
    Nevertheless there is something fishy...
    *if the date 1945 is correct, than 13th June 1965 might be fabricated in order to explain why swAmi didn't met Mahaprabhuji. But how to explain why Madhavanand never met Devpuriji who lived quite near Khatu and died in 1942, two years after Madhavanand became Mahaprabhuji's disciple in the year of Madhavanand's saṃnyāsa-dīkṣā. Mahaprabhuji was not present on his deathbed nor was Madhavanand at Mahaprabhuji's deathbed nor funeral.
  • truthseeker May 2011
    Posts: 541
    Reply to @Ivan: maybe his life story went like this: he was born in 1945, died in 1952 and ressurected the same year. Jesus already did it, so why wouldn't H.H.V. M.P.S.swAmi be capable of that? Maybe a good suggestion for the next edition of lila amrit?

    Sorry, I'm being cynical, again. :)
  • pavitra May 2011
    Posts: 270
    I will probably go a little bit out of the discussion context but today a story came to my mind that swAmi told during a satsang and I couldn't digest. He said that during a meditation session in India with a large group of disciples some times ago Mahaprabhuju appeared to him. And if God appears in front of you, you have always the right to one wish. And swAmi asked Mahaprabhuji to appear also in front of his disciples. But Mahaprabhuji said NO, I'll not do it because these disciples are not honestly devoted and many of them will leave you. "And you know how many of them are still here today?" swAmi ended his story. "Only a few of them".
    Why God didn't fullfill his wishes? And maybe they would remain with swAmi if they would get the vision. Why the good disciples didn't get it?
  • SatyaKali_Deva May 2011
    Posts: 6
    You people are all lost eternally it clearly stated in the Guru Gita - originally sung to Godess Parvati from Shiva himself> You will all end up in a waterless region full of fire and dragons then we will see and your soul will feel the truth of the Guru Gita. You people who talk on these forums are all of little moral substance or character you know nothing what i know of all this> Did you even once THINK HOW THIS ALL CAME ABOUT AND THE MORAL CHARACTER AND BACKGROUND OF THE PEOPLE MAKING THESE ACQUISATIONS??
  • SatyaKali_Deva May 2011
    Posts: 6
    ALL THESE LIES AND NOT TRUTHS BEGAN BY ONE MAN (BARELY) HIS NAME IS CHITANANDA. Due to inability to navigate and or control his ego and due to his GREED for FAME IE HE DID NOT get Mahamandaleswara award (Swami Jusraj got it instead) he has started and paid for this whole rumour mill! In fact most of the people on this chat talking crap about swAmi are no doubt financed by him> I KNOW THE WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH SO HELP ME GOD AND I WILL GIVE YOU PART BY PART INSTALMENTS OF THIS DAY BY DAY STAND BY.
  • Mother May 2011
    Posts: 14
    Reply to @SatyaKali_Deva:
    SatyaKali_Deva, you are much behind with information. As a Mother of one of the testimonies I can assure you, there are real women behind the testimonies with their real stories, one among them is my own doughter. I was cheated by the same master by trusting him he was an honest man.
  • mangal May 2011
    Posts: 489
    Reply to @SatyaKali_Deva: My Good....it is written in the spirit of witnesses of yahveh....i still regard swAmi as my master, but it doesnot mean that i must replay whatever what says felowship.....i dont regard felowship as my master, please, use your own words, not felowship fairytales...to be honest, swAmi is like messenger of Sri Deep for me, not living Good
  • SunYaC May 2011
    Posts: 41
    Reply to @SatyaKali_Deva: fee-faw-fum... nice spooky job, bogeyman ;D
  • batawebatawe May 2011
    Posts: 409
    @SatyaKali_Deva: and in general: "You people are all lost eternally it clearly stated in the Guru Gita....You will all end up in a waterless region full of fire and dragons then we will see and your soul will feel the truth of the Guru Gita. - etc...."

    are we back in middle ages?...or is guru gita, also a fear-inducing Word, if you disobey or do not follow your Guru?...I'm not a Guru, but my own perspective tells me, that I would correct it immediately, if it was given to my notice, this same inquisition-attitude, and would never expect of my students to behave in such a way...I would even say: it's not a problem, let everybody decide for themselves but don't make no in/direct 'threats' and burnings of hell-sentences...now this is sheer ignorance and if this higly spiritual texts speak about the dragons and hell, if you disobey,,, than whoever wrote those texts probably knew why he was writing it in such a way, and we don't need no fear-based-words...why these warnings?...why this fear?...even if someone leaves or goes or even slanders, doesn't matter...and s/he doesn't desrve hell for this...this shows more or less the religious mindset, which I never thought for a spirituality to be....and even spirituality is becoming limited and narrow and limited to the sacred texts of the lineage or the school...millions read Bhagavad gita, with no real effect at all....on one seminar, swAmi was asked,,which interpreation of B.Gita should we read,,and he said: read as many interpretaions you want and some day maybe you will write your own,,,something like that...well, that's it!,,,now is the time for people to write their own Gitas, but it doesn't need to be sacred text at all...there is no sacred text beyond the limits of tradition and it's retroactive symbolic meaning that is attached to it "as the sacred text"!

    Well, Mother KALI is kicking some A..S! and it's a good thing...;)
  • joyriver May 2011
    Posts: 101
    Reply to @SatyaKali_Deva: You are really funny. Do you really think people in the 21.century are scared of your words. You maybe would fit in the Midle Ages, when people were hounting withches. But today, your words sound a bit crazy to me.
  • someonefromhungary May 2011
    Posts: 334
    Reply to @SatyaKali_Deva:
    dear SatyaKali_Deva,
    I have never been asked to participate in this forum, and have never been offered and have never received any funding or anything similar from anyone for this or for anything related. it is my own decision to be here. or my own fault ;)
    and I have never had more contact with Chidanand than seeing him and hearing him speak at various programs.
    all the best to you,
  • speakup May 2011
    Posts: 57
    Dear SatyaKali_Deva
    What are you so angry and frightened about? If he is a real Guru then all will be forgiven as an enlightened soul is forever loving, merciful and forgiving - understanding the faults of others and not attacking others! Why are you attracted to this forum and reading and posting comments, perhaps deep down you are feeling some doubts?
  • karavan May 2011
    Posts: 135
    Unbelievable, but TRUE:

    Slovenian YIDL instructors do their official exam at the Faculty for sports at Ljubljana University (4 exams) and unofficial exam at YIDL.

    I have just realised that the Faculty of sports made a contract for official partnership not with YIDL but Shivananda Bihar YOGA faculty! In fact this way YIDL instructors are qualified Sivananda'S instructors!!!

    NObody of YIDL members I know here knows about this!! They are convinced we have YIDL version of Yoga exams at the Sports Faculty in Ljubljana

    What does it mean:
    If exs have bad feelings or are afraid to start teaching yoga on their own, they can do it without any fear of YIDL, becouse they already have STATE EXAM AND QUALIFICATION OF Shivananda'S BIHAR SCHOOL!

    Here link to the media news, 2006
  • Roman May 2011
    Posts: 347
    Good to know for everybody in Slovenia. If anybody else has this kind of helpful information for any other place or country, please post it here. There are many people reading this forum and maybe they are afraid, undecided, many other things. We are here to give them support and the real information. Thank you,

  • Tony June 2011
    Posts: 172
    The Golden Teachings analyzed. I have done this partly for fun, partly to illustrate how incredibly hollow and vaccuous these supposedly divinely inspired teachings are. There are numerous repeats, many points are just plain bad advice, and most of the valid points are platitudes, known to everyone. Let's lift the veil of unconditional reverence and look at it very coldly, objectively (with some good humour). There's not much there.

    1. Love God with a pure heart.

    Anyone who has ever experienced love knows that you cannot will it. Love either happens or it does not. I also recall that I definitely loved some girls with a very dirty heart. Bottom line, sounds basic, but it is not really too useful.

    2. If you lead your life according to ethical principles you can fulfil your dharma. Accept the principle of morality and obey it as long as you live.

    Sounds good, except for the fact that it says nothing. Whose morality? Is that somehow absolute? When the Innuit starve is it moral to kill the grandparents and eat them?

    3. Whatever you plan to do, do it with firm determination and your success will be assured.

    Tony Robbins?

    4. Always hold onto the Truth. Do not think negative and always do good.

    Platitude. Every culture has a dozen proverbs saying the same thing. More importantly, it is not always true. Sometimes lying and thinking negative may be necessary and beneficial.

    5. Do not give up what you have already started. There will always be obstacles in the way, just like roses always have thorns. Remove those obstacles with self-confidence and by God's grace your path will lead you to the goal.

    Restatement of 3.

    6. Do not be dependent upon others. Stand on your own feet. Trust in your abilities and God will help you.

    Slow down. Do not be dependent. God will help you?

    7. The success of your actions lies within the strength of your inner conviction and self-discipline. Do not lose your courage and never give up.

    Yet another rephrasing of 3. Churchill has said that better.

    8. Outer purity alone is not enough. Pure consciousness needs both inner and outer purity.

    Frankly useless, and obviously guilt-inducing. I feel so impure.

    9. Be truthful. Do not be a hypocrite.

    Loose restatement of 4.

    10. Be kind to all creatures and helpful at all times. In this way you will also help yourself.

    Ok. I am just a little disturbed by the justification: "this way you will also help yourself."

    11. Beware of arrogance. Respect everyone equally.

    Well, this is just wrong. Equally? Hitler?

    12. Whatever you think to possess is only transitory. Give up your false pride.

    I love this one, an Indian classic. Translation: you are going to die. Wow, I did not know that!

    13. Do not be proud of your wealth and knowledge. There will always be someone who is better than you.

    Ok, I guess, just not very original.

    14. Always be honest and nothing will be lost. Dishonesty fails in the end.

    I see, so if dishonesty occasionally succeeded in the end, it would have been acceptable? Another repeat of 4.

    15. Do not praise yourself. Others may praise you but your greatness lies in modesty.

    Some more 13. Just be the most modest humblest meekest person in the world and you'll be great.

    16. Do not let yourself be discouraged by problems. Earthly life constantly flows between the banks of fortune and grief. One who loses courage won't reach the aim. Fulfil your duties with inner certainty and faith.

    Tony Robbins is back. Another repeat of 3.

    17. Complete your tasks immediately. Do not postpone them till tomorrow. Realize your good intentions now because one moment is never like the next.

    Now I have never ever heard that one before. I am really glad God occasionally incarnates in the human form to share with us this deep stuff. We would have lived in complete darkness otherwise.

    18. Respect everyone equally. Always be ready to help. Without doing good, without right action, life lacks meaning.

    Sounds like 11 again.

    19. All pleasures are transient. Do not succumb to their outer appearance. True joy can be found in the service of all creatures and in this is the wisdom and meaning of life.

    Combination of 10 and 12. Not exactly true. I found often more true joy in transient pleasures, than in washing dishes for the entire family.

    20. Do not waste your time. Each second of your life is precious and irreplaceable. Time passed never comes back, time doesn't wait. If you don't keep up you'll be left behind, so use your time well.

    Another 17, I guess people do need to hear it again. The best use of this precious time is repeating something over and over.

    21. Everyone has good and bad habits. Do not see the bad in others, rather discover their virtues and emulate them. Learn good from everyone and everything.

    Vladimir Ilyich Lenin said: "Learn the best from your enemies."

    22. Do not allow bad habits to form which will be hard to give up and which may destroy your life. Cultivate good habits which will be helpful all life long. Avoid toxic substances such as tobacco, alcohol and drugs. These only invite illness and death into your house.

    Ok. But again, do we really need a God incarnate to deliver this?

    23. Rise before sunrise and practise your spiritual exercises. Their benefits will accompany you the whole day.

    Debatable if true at all. Personally, when I don't get enough sleep, I am irritable and aggressive to people for the rest of the day. I also know from personal experience that sleeping in late on weekends is very beneficial (Carpe post-meridiem).

    24. Be moderate with eating, as excessive craving for pleasure leads to laziness and disease.

    Variation on 22. The second clause in the sentence is not true. Many workoholics are motivated purely by excessive craving for pleasure.

    25. Respect your parents, your teachers and your Master. Live in love and harmony with your family.

    Wait a minute! We already have 10 and 11. (Respect everyone equally) So now we have to respect parents, teachers and the Master more than everybody else? Also not very realistic. I don't know anyone who lives in love and harmony with their family. It's a nice goal, but it doesn't really tell you how to achieve it.

    26. Always hold onto the Truth. Keep your word even if it costs your life.

    Almost literal repeat of 4. Second sentence is a very bad advice. Self-destructive sense of honour can only be called idiotic.

    27. Your words and deeds should equal each other.

    Rephrasing of 9, and indeed of 4 again.
  • Tony June 2011
    Posts: 172
    Part II

    28. Only pass on what is important. Hollow talk and gossip is lost time.

    Debatable if true. Gossip helps one relax, improves bonding within family and with friends. Makes you laugh. Besides, on the truly grand scheme of things, honestly, we insignificant humans on our little planet, everything we ever do is hollow on the cosmic scale. In five billion years, the Sun runs out of Hydrogen and blows up devouring our entire planet. Two hundred trillion years later, the entire Universe runs out of Hydrogen and after that there will be no more stars anywhere. Ever. (Now this is a nice example of hollow talk).

    29. Remain true to your partner and avoid situations that may lead you to be unfaithful.

    I sincerely like the "avoid situations" part. It sort of implies that we are not always entirely in charge of what we do… Humans are weak. This is a good one.

    30. First impressions should never be the basis for your decisions. Wait until you have obtained further knowledge and in this way you will avoid unnecessary disappointments.

    Well, I don't know. This is controversial. I usually trust my first impressions.

    31. Debts between friends not settled in time jeopardise the friendship. Give with an open heart, but weigh exactly what to do.

    Platitude: Don't mess with money.

    32. Worldly things unnecessarily accumulated only become burdens and will bring sorrow. Material wealth is transient. Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth, dislikes to be captured. The best possessions to handle are devotion, service and benefaction.

    Here we go again with 12. And it is also not very accurate. The lack of worldly things, poverty, brings even more sorrow. Tell the starving man about devotion, service and benefaction.

    33. Avoid words which you may later regret. Do nothing that will give away your principles, cause loss of self respect or sow the seeds of discord.

    Isn't it yet another 4? Also, what's wrong with sowing the seeds of discord? All the human progress has happened through discord.

    34. Avoid unnecessary quarrels and avoid bad company. Keep away from hazards. Associate with good and wise people.

    Another platitude: Stay out of trouble.

    35. Never speak ill of your parents or your Master. Do not accept malicious talk against them.

    Never say never. Child abuse? Alcoholic parents? Sex abuse guru?

    36. Do not make enemies through thoughtless mistakes. Do not constantly complain about your problems.

    Thanks, we got it the first time when we read 33. I like the word "constantly". It is okay to complain occasionally.

    37. Try your best to promote the realization of ethical ideals. This will contribute to an existence of harmony.

    Same as 2. Extremely problematic and downright dangerous. Whose ethics are we talking about? Extermination of Jews?

    38. Learn to control your desires. Do not abandon yourself to dependence on your senses.

    Sounds a bit like a variation on 22, but this one is different, and I personally disagree. Sensory pleasures must remain an important part of ones life. Not all of them are unhealthy or self destructive. Indeed, that's how we got here in the first place.

    39. Lethargy is one of your greatest enemies. Without effort you will not reach your aim. So give up your laziness.

    Sounds like 17 to me.

    40. Do not waste your life in sensual living. Do not permit yourself to be confined to passions. Like the bee, drunk on the pleasant smell of the lotus flower, becomes caught in the closing bloom at sunset, so is a life wasted in transient, sensual pleasures. Do not abandon the quest for spiritual knowledge and development of consciousness.

    More of 38, but a much cleaner formulation. In fact this is the very essence of Indian life philosophy. And it has the logic completely backwards. Why is life spent in pleasure wasted? It is life spent in suffering that sounds wasted to me.

    41. Do not ignore the laws of nature. Never disregard nature or nature will take its retribution.

    As a physicist, I have to approve. Except it is really completely unnecessary to tell us that. I mean, sure, just go ahead, do ignore gravity. Good luck with that.

    42. When the waves are high one should not dive for pearls.

    Not universally true. Sometimes being a contrarian and doing something risky is the only right way.

    43. View the lives of Saints and important personalities as examples. Whatever someone achieves, is dependent on his or her own effort.

    I like "important personalities". Does Lady Gaga count?

    44. Whoever speaks of the highest knowledge without having actually realized it, still lives in great ignorance. Even if they be very learned, their talk lacks perfection.

    I am tempted to label it as yet another 4, but it does have something more to it. How practical this advice is, difficult to tell.

    45. If one wears the robe of an order and turns away from worldly life, yet is still not purified within and adheres not to right action, then their "renunciation" is meaningless.

    44 part B. Guilt inducing. I really, truly hate any mention of the word "purity" is spiritual texts.

    46. Avoid places where you are not welcome.

    Yes, that would be nice but how am I going to pay my bills?

    47. Wealth must be acquired in an honest way. Use it to achieve good. Earn your money through your own efforts, your own work.

    Is it honest to present barely ten, unoriginal rules as fifty-five?

    48. Do not just take, also learn to give. Constant taking creates a serious burden which is only unloaded by the act of giving.

    This one is nice, except do we really need the pseudo-logical second sentence as a justification?

    49. Be kind to every creature. Whomsoever hurts others, will themself be hurt.

    Oh my God, we know already! We studied point 10. And "themself" is not a word.

    50. Treat others as you wish they should treat you. You will get back everything that you give.

    This will not always work, especially not with people who won't follow this rule. Opens you to abuse.

    51. Love every living being at least as much as yourself.

    I guess this point 10 must be extremely important. Let's really hammer it home one more time.

    52. God's Light is in every creature. To love and serve them is to love and serve God.

    Ah! So that's why! Because just being nice to others without the imaginary guy's light inside wouldn't make any sense.

    53. All beings are able to sleep, eat, drink and reproduce. The difference between people and animals is that the purpose of human birth is aimed at Self-knowledge and Self-realization.

    A matter of opinion. A more obvious difference is the human intelligence with all of its astonishing traits.

    54. The perfect awakening of Self-realization takes place through love.

    Love is nice, I agree. But, I think I might have heard that one before?

    55. Knowledge is limitless. Dive into it! Life is short and time passes quickly, so our experiences are limited. Let the past be gone and be aware that this moment also immediately belongs to the past. Make your future in the present. Therefore, brothers and sisters, wake up! Remember your duty and fulfill your dharma.

    Writing this must have been my dharma.

  • Roman June 2011
    Posts: 347
    Reply to @Tony:
    Golden Teachings unabridged :)
  • PallasAthene June 2011
    Posts: 246
    I don't know where i should post this news....

    Guru Ramdev is blackmailing and perhaps the next Gandhi of India...very funny!

    "....Another complaint is about tactics; critics have accused reformers of conducting “democracy by blackmail” — threatening more hunger strikes unless the government bends to their demands....."


    Yoga becomes political. Now they are forced to separate religious from secular power if they want to go on in a democratic way. This will be a huge act for India.

    Maha Nirvani Akhara does not allow any political activity.
  • truthseeker June 2011
    Posts: 541
    Baba Ramdev has now said he will form an army of 11,000 men and women to deal with police and anti-social elements attempting to disrupt his anti-corruption movement.
    He said, next time there would be ‘Ravanlila’ on the Ramlila grounds in Delhi. He added ‘Let’s see who will get beaten up then’.

    Ramdev is backed by the right-wing hindu nationalist movement RSS ( a former member of the RSS assassinated Gandhi in 1948). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rashtriya_Swayamsevak_Sangh


    So you see, swAmi has real nice friends. :(

    They met at the Kumbha Mela in 2010. You can watch the pictures:
  • satfinder June 2011
    Posts: 24
    XXXXX supports Baba Ramdev

    Religion - there is a conspiracy to defame Sanatan Dharma [Hinduism],
    warns XXXXX:

    "... Supporting the mission of Baba Ramdev he [XXXXX] said
    the message of Baba Ramdev is very clear for the nation and protection
    of the Indian culture. ..."

    Post 568
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