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Coffee House
  • truthseeker June 2011
    Posts: 541
    Reply to @batawe: all right, because you liked it so much, here's the Philosophers' Drinking Song, sung with an Australian accent. Enjoy! :-)

  • batawebatawe June 2011
    Posts: 409
  • mangotree June 2011
    Posts: 118
    Reply to @batawe:
    thankyou dear @batawe for being the inspiration for this post
    thankyou dear @truthseeker for brightening my morning!
  • batawebatawe June 2011
    Posts: 409
    thx mangotree!;)

  • Ok, a few things:

    - Gaddafi falling, Hugo Chavez stumbling: none of those was any less fervently beloved than Mr. XXX. Yet they are falling. Is it just that the time of the loverboys is up?

    - the most likely way forward in the Greek debt crisis is called the "Vienna model" (non-confrontational restructuring)

    - for a resolution for the XXXXX causa prima, look to Vienna if you like (I am instigating pride in the Czechs and silently hope that they will come up with something)

    things somewhat moving a bit

  • Tony June 2011
    Posts: 172
    Reply to @Ushmeypuri: Well, last week has seen some cautious activity on the Czech forum http://jogavdennimzivote.blogspot.com/2011/06/vyzva-vyborum-jdz_08.html#comments .

    I guess, for the Czechs, Vienna evokes a profoundly underrated album by Ultravox, 400 years of the Habsburgs, and excellent coffee. Lately, lots of good coffee shops sprouted all over Toronto, it's getting almost as good as Sydney.

    I really forgot, remind me, under the YIDL lifestyle, is coffee legal?
  • mangotree June 2011
    Posts: 118
    Reply to @Tony:
    you really don't remember?

    one week: swAmi said - coffee is illegal,
    next week: swAmi said - chai is illegal,
    then the next week: swAmi said - its illegal to use cups - one should drink pure water, direct from the cupped hand.

    then Gurudev heads to another country...
    and everyone gets on with life for a while. :)
  • Tony June 2011
    Posts: 172
    Reply to @mangotree: I really don't. I know about meat, alcohol, and tobacco.

    I remember coffee was somewhat frowned upon, but I was once with him at that observation tower in Vienna, there's a little cafe on the top floor, and we both sat down and had ein Apfelstrudel mit Cafe and he winked and joked that once in a while it is okay. I also once saw him swat at a mosquito, Obama style, laugh, wink and say "ahimsa!" He used to be almost normal in those very early days.

    Later, in the name of karma yoga, he had us carry like a thousand logs of firewood up hundreds of steps to his apartment for his fireplace, but only to carry them all back down again because he noticed that the logs had some larvae in it.

    Your water from cupped hands story is a joke, right?
  • mangotree July 2011
    Posts: 118
    Reply to @Tony:
    oh yeah, cupped hands story is a slight exaggeration of the imagination
    but the sense of what i wrote was real enough
    one year i went to europe and coffee was strictly forbidden, but still regularly consumed
    next time i went to europe everyone was drinking coffee and chai was banned.... what can you say

    i have a very nice mosquito story for you about Gurudev and the Jains (you know the ones who are ahimsa mad, wearing masks on their faces so as not to consume insects by mistake etc). this is a true story

    Location: Udaipur
    Date: maybe 9 years ago or so
    Event: some event with lots of Jain's and Gurudev and Father D.... from Australia - almost no audience, so obviously nobody to impress...

    What happened:
    All the Jain's and Father David and Gurudev sat on the stage area together.
    Gurudev was bored, very very bored. The event was long and for no purpose and there was almost nobody in attendance.
    There were lots of mosquitoes. Gurudev started to play.
    First came out lots of mosquito repellant - on his arms and legs etc. Then on Father David's arms and legs, then all over his bald head - all very publically.
    The Jain's were squirming in their seats just at the thought of the insect repellant. Their discomfort was apparent to all. Gurudev could not resist the temptation to offer the bottle of insect repellant to each of the Jain's who came near him. They of course looked at him like he was a sinner.
    The more they squirmed, the more he seemed to enjoy.
    The concluding act from Gurudev came when he noticed a mosquito sitting on the page of an open book in front of him. He nudged the Jain man beside him, pointed out the mosquito on the open book and then closed the book. One smashed mosquito.
    The look of ahimsa briefly left the face of the Jain man, and after a few minutes he regained his sattvic composure again...
    Gurudev almost managed to conceal his delight.

    I remember laughing hard. But also i held a concern that he seemed to have absolutely no tolerance or respect for their believes and that his actions were actually quite cruel. It made an impression.
  • Reply to @Tony:
    Sorry I had got carried away. In reality, Vienna is as drab as always. Some tiny developments and my own stupid proclivities conspired to express themselves in my ridiculously over-enthusiastic posting from Jun 28.
  • PallasAthene June 2011
    Posts: 246
    Reply to @falseswamiji:

    "Devotees who had come for darshan gathered started cheering, following which his horse panicked and bolted, resulting in their swami falling to the ground."

    Devotees can drive you crazy. They are so spiritual as bread. :D Better to stay normal, love can kill your intellectual power. :) :) :)
  • truthseeker June 2011
    Posts: 541
    Reply to @someonefromhungary: I saw this before on TV. People can really do sick things. This has really nothing to do with spirituality.
  • someonefromhungary June 2011
    Posts: 334
    yes, we do all sorts of extreme things... but I was really really wondering _why_ someone would do such an extreme thing? what is it that makes him/her live and suffer like this for about 10 years just for the sake of dying that way? if someone wants to get mummified he/she can start it after death... well, one reason may be that one can never be 100% sure that his/her final wish will be fulfillled... or I don't know...
  • truthseeker June 2011
    Posts: 541
    Reply to @someonefromhungary: their motivation may be that it makes them in a way immortal. Their mummified body can exist for a long time and be revered by people who think it was of a holy man. It probably gives some sense of pride to the people who do this, also because of the willpower that it takes, which you don't need for mummification after death. Of course for the monastery it's also very advantageous, it attracts lots of pilgrims who are likely to give big alms. And the Japanese culture has a tendency to go to extremes anyway, in my opinion, although it also has very good sides.
  • someonefromhungary June 2011
    Posts: 334
    Reply to @truthseeker: yes, I know all this... and yes, maybe that's all there's to it... but it seems really really so extreme... to open your eyes every single morning to this reality... to this objective that you set for yourself and to all its consequences which you will discover day by day as you destroy your physiology, your body... noone and nothing can prepare you for such a journey... after a certain age we all witness it more or less, even when we do our best to become and remain not mummies but yummies forever
  • truthseeker June 2011
    Posts: 541
    Reply to @someonefromhungary: that's why I said it's sick. One example of how religion can lead people to doing very sick, extreme things. It can also lead to good things, as long as it's moderate and focused on life here on earth, not on the supposed afterlife.
  • someonefromhungary June 2011
    Posts: 334
    Reply to @truthseeker: what is also really really extreme is that they seem to be buddhists. where one of the central stories from the life of the buddha is actually about his achieving enlightenment after realising that severe ascetic lifestyle and starvation (to almost a mummy as desribed in poetic details in the relevant texts) would not lead him to the peace of mind he was searching for.
  • truthseeker July 2011
    Posts: 541
    Reply to @someonefromhungary: buddhism in Japan often has little to do with what the Buddha preached. Take for example the massive support from Buddhist monks for the cruel war the Japanese raged between 1937 and 1945.
  • PallasAthene June 2011
    Posts: 246
    a space time coffee for @ll

  • mangotree July 2011
    Posts: 118

    18 March 2011

    My dear yoga family friends in Australia,

    Obviously we have been exposed, according to our inclinations, to various gossip, accusations, claims and counter-claims over recent weeks which have the potential, again according to individual inclinations, of upsetting our sense of equilibrium, trust and objectivity.

    I love, admire and respect each of you for your years of full power hard work, service, learning, growing, team-building, community support and all things relating to working in our Ashrams around Australia and in India. Therefore I have been saddened today to hear from various sources that some of you have allowed the seeds of doubt to take root in your hearts and minds and are now regrouping with some and rejecting others in your communications.

    By all means each of us should reflect inwardly at a time like this and do a survey of our foundations and make note of any required repairs - but the last thing we should do is chip away at those very foundations, prise open the cracks, set blowtorches to the floorboards, and in the various ways allow others' suggestions and imagery to be like acid on the foundation stones and termites in the wooden beams.

    Enough is enough! My dear brothers and sisters, there is work to do and a Tour to prepare for! XXXXX is coming! Lucky you : )

    Any questions you have in your mind you will soon be able to ask him for yourself in person - if you have the courage. But you won't get this chance if you don't prepare for his visit as a united team and get on with your respective duties as by your position in ashrams you have already obliged yourself to fulfil.

    That is unless you believe yourself to be one of the people who now need a thorough demolition of the yoga house you have yourself built, destroyed down to the foundations, so that you can rebuild again in a more stable and committed manner. I have no doubt at all that some of our dear brothers and sisters will indeed need to go through such a self-demolition and rebuild. But all is good in the bigger picture.

    For the record - the stories about SXXXXJi in the accused situations with certain girls are complete cr*p.

    I am not going to spread the specific knowledge that I have directly first hand, and also from others who have very high integrity, about certain people involved in this campaign of lies and blame - I have no intention of being part of a counter-smear campaign.

    I just sincerely hope that none of you are being really distracted by all this gossip nonsense and letting it poison your mind - and it really IS nonsense.

    What has been said by the accusations actually doesn't make sense in the details and can not be confirmed by anyone who is regularly close to SXXXXJi in his temporary and permanent residential locations around the world - including myself.

    For God's sake the man doesn't have time for such pathetic dalliances with young girls! He has far more important and time-consuming things to do.

    I am not an institutionalised or cliquey person at all - as I think some of you know - so I am not expressing a knee-jerk defensive action to protect YIDL or even SXXXXJi. I simply know that these allegations are the excreta of confused minds, unfortunately minds of people whom I dearly love.

    Time is passing and life is short - we will not necessarily be old and grey when our time is up. Let us not waste time in idle jibbering and gossip which in truth has nothing to do with us.

    I know for sure that each one of you feels 100% devotion to Maha.....ji and the rest of our Parampara, including our dear beloved Holy GXXXJi, and it is He who declared SXXXXJi as the direct successor of Sri Dev...ji and Sri Maha.....ji - after the dates of these apparent incidents.

    Would Holy GXXXJi not know that SXXXXJi had done something if he had?
    Would he dare to tarnish the name of His Most Beloved Maha.....ji by bestowing Maha...ji's succession to someone if they had done such things? It doesn't even bare questioning..

    I know you have been comforting each other - but have you included everyone in that comforting? Who amongst you is hurting that you have neglected - although they are nearby? Reach out your hands of compassion to all and reunite in love.

    Much much love to you and all our beloved Aussie brothers and sisters,
    Your BigIndianRiver
  • Shivashakti July 2011
    Posts: 75
    Reply to @mangotree: thanks for posting. Its this sort of writing that made me start to realise I was in a brainwashed cult. It pushed me away.. As Australian Organisers, at this stage, we were just asking for time to process. We simply asked His unHoliness Sw. not to come whilst we dealt with the allegations. But the flurry of abuse we received like the above made us realise, that we did not have the basic human right to question. To question was to be a bad disciple. We wanted to know the truth. And if you seek, sincerely seek, with the brain and viveka that God has given us, then you do find truth in the allegations. And you can see the brainwashing that goes on...
  • Aussie_Karma_yogi July 2011
    Posts: 10
    Reply to @mangotree: and also to Shivashkti:


    This helps me understand what was going on it the minds of the Australian organisers during this difficult period. (However, the mind of BigIndianRiver is beyond me. I try to follow the reasoning but somehow I keep on going round in circles.)

    As for me, the allegations at first seemed incredible. Even after careful consideration and painful reflection there was still room for a sliver of doubt. It is the hostile responses to the allegations which totally convinced me that there is something really wrong.

  • speakup July 2011
    Posts: 57
    Reply to @Aussie_Karma_yogi: See your Inbox.
  • mammoth July 2011
    Posts: 17
    Reply to @mangotree: sounds like he ran out of Yoga teachers and most karma yogis and someone is going to have to mop the floor, clean the toilets .
  • Mahabhakta_Parody July 2011
    Posts: 8
    Greet you all. You follow kangaroo Roman. Master say next life you be worm. Like Cici.
    You all pay by Cici, sold Video equipment stolen from master to pay you. We all know. You all go hell and I good disciple prey for you, but -haha- now better for me, more space on satsang. All going no real bhaktas, byebye. Hari OM=Hurryhome (haha so good joke from my master).
    You know, allegations of my master making love to women not true, I have proof.
    I see in meditation mahalingam of master, sooo big. Too big for mouth of women, so proof: no true.
    I also do mantra always. Good mantra: Om guru mahalingam f...kdeep namaha.
    I will have libration you not.
  • Shivashakti July 2011
    Posts: 75
    Reply to @Mahabhakta_Parody: hee hee
  • truthseeker July 2011
    Posts: 541
    Reply to @Mahabhakta_Parody: LOL. Petr could have written this :-D
  • NoviSadCalling July 2011
    Posts: 175
    Reply to @Mahabhakta_Parody:

    Well, what would happen? Should we go to hell, or we will be born as worms? It can't be both ...

    It is not nice to tell nonsense, and it is even worse to lie; what does your master tell about your karma if you are lying? Well, it really does not matter. He is also lying, and doing worse things than lying.

    Anyhow, video equipment is safe and sound, it is not sold.
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