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sex abuse scandal.
  • mangotree May 2011
    Posts: 118
    Reply to @sriraman:
    Here you say "Really mango-tree, what about the wonderful back-flip "Private and Confidential" pdf document circulated on Friday night / Sat morning signed by EACH and EVERY member of the Australian Board "

    Please read the post PROPERLY Sriraman - this IS the pdf document that was circulated. Perhaps you never read the document properly in the first place.

    Please don't say you know what the board does and doesn't know. It is apparent you have not had any contact with them.

    Please do not represent yourself as a generous man as i have personally witnessed you 'sneaking in' to one of swAmi's programs in the Kensington ashram without wishing to pay. Most likely you are not a member of YIDL as this requires a membership fee of $20.
  • admin May 2011
    Posts: 61
    Reply to @mangotree:
    Thank you mangotree for your information. It brings some light on the subject. We have allowed ourselves to edit your letter with few trademark signs and shortening of the name of the person we don't speak of :) Just our lawyer department advise. You have been very helpful and professional in helping others to have real facts for them to make their own opinion regardless what some exalted and noisy people without real facts had said.

  • admin May 2011
    Posts: 61
    Pavitra, zombie is ok. It's kinda like vampire, isn't it? :)
  • sriraman May 2011
    Posts: 14
    Hari OM anonymous Un-Australian cowardly mangotree

    1. the question was about the back-flipping nature of the pdf document which I have received and circulated to as many bhaktas as I can (perhaps, English is not your first language)

    2. I have been in indirect contact with the Board through various formal documents that have been sent to Pavitra (Treasurer) in recent times by various centre managers devoted to swAmi

    In any case, it's the duty of the Board to communicate with all bhaktas in an open and transparent manner during a challenging time-period like this, not just amongst themselves on "secretive" Skype calls. Particularly so when the National Co-ordinator is MIA and sends out email only to fellow Board members clearly stating that she would communicate with only other Board members!!

    3. We have a 5 year membership in my wife's name which we paid in one upfront payment of $100 as requested by swAmi and is valid till 2015 (pls check the membership list and you will know the fact, I do as I have checked the membership list)

    4. Sneaking into Kensington - there is NO need for me to sneak into Kensington, you parasitic coward

    Given that we have taught several yoga and yoga nidra classes for free at Kensington over a few years despite having to travel for an hour each way in traffic, Prasadpuri and Sarasvati refused to accept the $20 from both my wife and I (you can confirm it with them)

    5. Our generosity - apart from ongoing contributions, there have been several special examples - kindly check the YIDL bank account just before and after swAmi's last Dungog retreat with our names and also ask the Adelaide co-ordinator who hosted swAmi this time around

    6. Could we know what your donations and contributions have been, you hopeless parasite?

    Atleast, have the basic decency to state your name as you only expose your unfortunately poor breeding and your pathetic parasitic nature with these comments of yours

    Thanks and kind regards
    Sriraman (Real person with real name, my only one)
    ph _61 414 629 981
  • sriraman May 2011
    Posts: 14
    Hari OM Petr

    Don't worry, you deserve the break after having to deal with the dishing out of these characters for the last few weeks

    Rest assured that your torch has now been passed on to another true Bhakta of swAmi who will continue to shine the Glorious Sun Light of swAmi at these frenzied vampires, till they pack it all back into their coffins :-))

    Thanks and kind regards
    Sriraman (Real Person with a Real Name)
    Ph: +61 414 629 981
  • Roman May 2011
    Posts: 347
    Reply to @sriraman:

    Well, the torch of the great spiritual master, leader and peacemaker is definitely in right hands :) Cheers,

    Roman (vampire with one real first name, who used to suck rich Indian and other businessmen and other people, even the ones with poor breeding, for the big vampire, who we don’t speak of :)
  • admin May 2011
    Posts: 61
    This discussion thread will be closed, because it is getting very difficult to navigate.
    You can still read the posts in here, and please continue the discussion under the Part II of this thread.
This discussion has been closed.
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